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Problem getting Return authorization

I have been trying to reach someone to get a return authorization for over 10 days.  Each time I call, I get an automated operator who originally sent me to your site to initiate a return, which I did, but then I got a reply telling me to call 800-624-9896, which gets me back to an automated operator.  When I persist with her, asking to speak to an agent, she will finally agree to transfer me, which gives me another animated person, who tells me the department is closed and to call back.  This has happened numerous days at all times of the day, most recently, I tried today before 3pm ET.   On the June 25, while searching on the Dell site for another way to contact someone, I found a way to contact someone by email, and did so, but evidently it was the wrong department as someone actually replied to me from Hardware Warranty Support, but this is the only human contact I've had!   He gave me a phone number for Customer Care 800-456-3355, which I have been trying to call, but again, each time I call, I get an automated operator and I have to keep insisting I need to speak to a person, and when she finally transfers me, I get the message that the department is closed and to call back.  The Chat feature is never working, and your site says someone is there 24-7 to help.  This has gone on for way too long!  I have been trying to get a return authorization because I bought an XPS-13 because it was highly recommended as an alternative for a Mac, which I have been using for several years.  Unfortunately, after buying the XPS-13, I realized that windows has changed dramatically since I last used it and it is way too complicated for me so I want to return it because at this point it is useless to me.  It is also considerably smaller than a Mac and I have difficulty typing on it.  I am a senior with a tremor problem and the keys are just too close together, so I will stick with my old Mac. Thank you.

Try using the online Returns form. Dell-Admin

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