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Sharing my latest (bad) experience

wanted to share my (bad) customer experience.

I recently purchased a laptop (E5470) for my small business. This is the second dell laptop I purchase for my business, and one of many I bought for me and my family's personal use. So far I've been very happy, and I believed in the quality of the products and customer service.

When I got the new laptop, after installing the OS, I saw an error appearing during the boot. At the time it looked like a software issue and I was sure I could have solved it by updating drivers etc.

I started using the laptop, updated everything but the error didn't go away. I searched the web to find a solution, and after noting worked I called dell support in Israel (where I live) to resolve the issue. After trying so solve the problem for some time, the tech guy recommended that I'll reinstall the OS. I had to lose all the data and time I've already invested in my business laptop (sure, I backed up the data but that's not the point), and the issue wasn't resolved. Eventually after trying for some time with another tech guy, he decided I need a new motherboard (first he tried to convince me that "my user experience will not be affected" by this error), I explained that It sound to me like they need to recall the laptop and give me a new one, as it is brand new and has a hardware issue. The tech guy said that since it's been more than 30 days (not business days, calendar days) since I purchased the laptop, he can only replace my motherboard under warranty. He said the lab will call me to coordinate a technician visit within 2 days. After 2 days I called back, and after the tech guy checked he said that they don't have the parts in stock, and I can get refurbished parts or wait a few more days until they restock. I said I want new parts (I bought a new laptop), and he said I should wait for next week. 1 hour later, the lab calls to coordinate a technician (but the other guy said new parts are out of stock…) so it seems like I'm getting refurbished motherboard…

Bottom line, one month from my purchase, I'm left with a refurbished laptop at full price (and I don't even know if it will resolve my problem). I'm very disappointed from the service I got, I paid for a new laptop and I expected to get the quality I'm used to from dell.


I'm not sending this to get an apology. I already know this is all very unfortunate, and I believe Dell as a company can do better to keep me as a customer, and a satisfied one.

Thank you for your time reading this.

Doron Gombosh.

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