Navisphere download for EMC/Dell SAN

Ihave i SAN from DELL / EMC.
Now i have bought some more discs for the SAN, and need the Navisphere software
to configure the discs, now to the problem:
I have missplaced the software CD-rom for Navisphere installation..
Do anyone know where to find the software on the Net?
I have visited the EMC-homepage, but cant find it there either.
best Regards
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Re: Navisphere download for EMC/Dell SAN

You have a couple of options for installing the disks.
You can download the Navisphere Service Taskbar (NST) from PowerLink.
The path should be:   Home > Support > Product and Diagnostic Tools > CLARiiON Tools > CLARiiON Installation Tools - Dell
The NST has a wizard for adding disks. 
The other option, is to add the disks one at a time, waiting for each one to spin up and be recognized before inserting the next disk.
After the disks are added you will just need to connect Navisphere Manager (which runs on the storage system) connect to one of the management port's IP Address.  Use Navisphere Manager to either expand existing RAID Groups and/or LUNS or create new ones.
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Re: Navisphere download for EMC/Dell SAN

You mention you need the Navisphere software to configure the disks.

What type of array do you have?

It sounds like you may have a system that uses off-array (e.g. FC4500 or FC5600).

If this is a FC4700 or CX system, than you can just pull up the web page interface in any Java enabled webbrowser.

Assuming your drives are supported by the flare version on the array, you should be able to configure the drives immediately.
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