Mount option question ...

HI experts....

Does anybody know why recommended timeout value for Linux are timeo=1200 ?

NFS Best Practices For DataDomain

Mount option we recommend to use:

Linux OS

# mount -t nfs -o hard,intr,nolock,nfsvers=3,tcp,timeo=1200,rsize=1048600,wsize=1048600,bg HOSTNAME:/backup /ddr/backup

As it used be ( DD4.x era) says


Also Linux Man page says  timeo is 60 sec.

Do we still need to use tcp,timeo=1200 as recommended ?

thanks !


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Re: Mount option question ...

Hi Aya,

Just to mention, that we also recommend this timeout value for other OS's, not just Linux.

The reason behind it was that we experienced a bug in older versions of DDOS which would cause operations to be delayed, exceeding what was our recommended timeout value at the time. Therefore to workaround the issue, whilst the fix was being developed, the recommended timeout value was increased. Obviously this bug has been fixed now, but the timeout value has remained and is still recommended.

So it would seem rather high, but incase we ever encounter another bug that could lead to the same issue, the value has remained as a best practice.

cheers, Rich.

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