DDP|E and cached domain credentials


Recently I ran into an issue with a user who left the company and we needed access to her login on her computer to view her files. This computer has DDP|E installed on it and after resetting her password via Active Directory, we were able to log in but then found that all of her files would give us an access denied error when trying to open them.

Called Dell, the tech got on the machine and showed me how to use the WSDeactivate utility, rebooted, and all was well.

My problem now and he didn't really explain it to me, is how are we supposed to reset users passwords whether they're terminated or they forgot their password? We can't always do it on the local machine itself.

Is their no way around this other than running that utility? 

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RE: DDP|E and cached domain credentials

Hello There,

It sounds like you might be running a shield version that when the password is changed outside of the system the user is activated on it needs to deactivated so it can sync up with the current domain password.  In our current generation of DDP|E you can add the below registry key and when the agent sees this condition occur it will reactivate without having to be WSDeactivated first.

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CMGShield, DWORD: AutoReactivation set to 1


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