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OM Ent v3.2 Cannot Inventory R610 Servers that OM Essentials can Inventory

We have two older R610 servers and some newer R620s and R630s.  OMEnt v 3.2 (running as a VMware Appliance) inventories one of the R610 servers completely, but the other R610 only returns OS, Device Management Info, and Guest Info, all of which are coming from the VMware ESXi inventory path.  Both R610s are completely inventoried by OM Essentials v2.5.

I have tested both R610s with the Dell EMC Troubleshooting Tool, and both R610s return the full complement of WSMAN profiles (all 37 of them), so the iDRACs are working fine.

Is there a debugging log on OM Ent that I can use to see why communication with one of the R610 iDRACs is failing?

The Bios and iDRAC firmware are identical on both R610s.  Bios 6.4 and iDRAC 2.92 (05)


Thank you in advance.

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