Add Device in OME via DRAC8 QuickSync

Quick Question related with OpenManage Mobile & IDRAC Quick Sync.

Do you know if possible to Add Device (like Server 13G) directly on OpenManage Essentials 2.0.1 with Apps OpenManage Mobile during connection NFS with Server 13G (Quick Sync) ?

Thank You

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RE: Add Device in OME via DRAC8 QuickSync

Geek_Mika - that is not currently possible, although that  would be a great feature to add to our feature set.

Currently OMM cannot add any server to OpenManage Essentials. It can only view something that  is added.

If you add an iDRAC to OMM (whether through Quick Sync or through the iDRAC web interface), it can be managed from the mobile device but not OpenManage Essentials. You'd have to separately discover that iDRAC/Server using OpenManage Essentials in order to manage it using OpenManage Essentials.

Hope  this answers your question.


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