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Aesthetic All in One Computer


I am a member of Dell  Ideastorm and posted few ideas about computing devices.


Recently the Ideastorm website is not functioning. So i am posting new ideas about computing devices that will improve its value and uses.

The following is one such idea.


 Most of the present All In One(AIO), Desktop, Laptop, etc  computing devices are like brick-slab  and usually in dull black or dry white shades of  colors.  Different people prefer different shapes, colors on the working devices they use every day.  The following are few ornamental shapes suggested for the computing devices.   In the Living room, Luxury hotel rooms, Reception desks, Royal palaces, aesthetic computing device models will be useful.  Multiple screens option can be had on left and right side on hinges or on sliding mechanism based on customer needs..

The following are few examples of aesthetic AIO computers.


Image png 1180x460 pixels (4).jpg

The front and rear side of the AIO computer can have  monitor screens.  This will enable two people seated opposite can simultaneously use the computer in situations like gaming, at  libraries, in living room home computer etc.  In places like  point of sale, record management updation, departments of education, labor, social security, demographics, tax, DMV  etc,  the customer can view, monitor and satisfy relevant information in real time that is updated at the counter using this dual screen computer models. Presently single screen computers are used at the counter and  the customer do not know what is being updated in the computer system, till he gets the acknowledgement by receipt or post or e-mail and -  only the power, communication cables and metal fixture stand in rear of monitor are  visible,  that is horrible.

rear side .jpg

In addition to being ornamental the new aesthetic  computing devices are psychologically very useful to users.

 - voxmu

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