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Boot Sequence Items Are Not Numbered In Bios

Dimension T 7400. Vista 64

Went into the Bios to change the boot sequence.

All of the items are listed, but none are preceded by a number, which means that I can not change the bot sequence.

Any help would be appreciated.


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RE: Boot Sequence Items Are Not Numbered In Bios

Hi parisphoto,

Thanks for posting.
As with previous workstation platforms, this system includes a one-time boot menu. This feature gives users a quick and convenient mechanism to bypass the System Setup-defined boot device order and boot directly to a specific device (e.g., floppy, CD-ROM, or hard drive).

Keystroke Function
<Ctrl><Alt><F8> One-time boot and diagnostics utility menu
<F12> One-time boot and diagnostics utility menu

The BIOS features an option to disable either or both of the keystroke prompts under the System Security / Post Hotkeys submenu.

When you enter the <F12> or <Ctrl><Alt><F8> keystroke correctly, the system beeps. The key sequence invokes the Boot Device Menu that is similar in appearance to the Microsoft® boot menu.

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