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Buying from Dell Outlet Center

Every morning I come here and read ALL your new posts.It's a good and quick way to learn about computers.Thank you.
I get around to upgrade my home office desktop (my target is XPS 435 MT) but decided wait until the Window7 comes on the market in October.Meanwhile I would like to ask you what do you think about Dell Outlet Center? Is it good idea to buy machine from refurbished inventory when I don't know to much about computers?

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Re: Buying from Dell Outlet Center


I don't have any issues with buying used but I know about computers and can do my own service.

If you have little knowledge I would recommend buying from a local source used or new that provides extended on demand warranty service

like Best buy and Microcenter do.  That way if its broken you can plop it down on the counter and get service or replacement or refund.





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Re: Buying from Dell Outlet Center

I have made my last 4 purchases from Dell Outlet.  I purchased two 1720s (Jan and April of 2008) and two Mini 9s(Feb and Mar 2009).  They were far cheaper buying refurbished than they would have been new.  The Mini 9s at that time were roughly $450 new.  I purchased mine for $296 and $323.  So I saved a good chunk of change.  The 1720's new would have been around $1800 and $2000 at that time, but I got them for $899 and $927...although I did have a coupon for 15% off, so they would have been a little more. 

They all came with standard 1 year warranties, but I used the money I saved to extend the warranty and get complete care coverage on the 1720s.  So they ended up costing  about $1200 and $1400 but were still cheaper than buying new and now are covered for 3 more years, rather than having expired warranties.  Also with complete care they are covered against drops. spills, etc....

You just have to keep looking to find what you want.  I wanted 4 gigs of RAM and a Duo Core 2.5gig or so processor, a dedicated video card with at least 256megs ram, and it took a while but I eventually found them.

Also, they are running perfectly fine.  No hardware or software issues at all.  The only drawback to buying through Outlet is both of the 1720s have scratches on the cover.  If you know exactly where to look, you look at the right angle and there is enough light, you can see the scratches.  That's how small they are, but technically they are scratched so they aren't "new."

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Re: Buying from Dell Outlet Center


If you can save money, yes, it's a good idea, Dell's refurbished computers have the same warranty and service, as the new systems.




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Re: Buying from Dell Outlet Center

Thank you guys for your responses.The only thing I worry about is what about Wndows7 upgrade for refurbished systems.Also most of refurbs is coming without sound cards and I will have to pick and install one.

Thanks again.

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