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Computer doesn't start - keyboard failure

When i start the computer the power button i solid amber and 2, 3, 4 are flashing amber. The screen says alert! CPU 0 fan failure. alert! hard drive fan failure. alert! keyboard initialization failure. to continure press F1 key. to change setup option press F2 key. to run onboard diagnostics press F5 key.

I pressed the F1 key but the keyboard doesn't work. I changed the keyboard from other computer which also doesn't work on this one. I tried changing the keyboard on other USB ports. I unplugged the mouse, the speakers but the keyboard still doesn't work. I also tried pressing the F1 button really fast the second computer starts but the the screen just goes plain black.

What can I do?

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RE: Computer doesn't start - keyboard failure

Solid Amber power button indicates failed motherboard/Processor.

Blinking Amber power button indicates failed power supply.

234 is Corrupt Bios.

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RE: Computer doesn't start - keyboard failure

Always include exact PC model and version of Windows in your posts.

When was last time you replaced the motherboard battery?


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