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DELL 5150 Desktop RAM question.

Hello all,

Thanks in advance for reading this, I have a DELL 5150 desktop with 4 gb of ram. I am aware that my computer can only have a maximum of 4 gb.

The motherboard is 0RD203. For some reason even though I have a 64 bit version now, there is 500mb of ram reserved for hardware but I have a gt 610 1GB card. curious if I can actually put a larger stick of ram in and upgrade the power supply so this can run just that little bit faster? 

This computer also has a pentium d 945 and runs modern games pretty damn well at this point in its long and outdated life. 

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Re: DELL 5150 Desktop RAM question.

An SSD will give you a big boost in overall performance and a new video card (preferably of 7750 class) will boost gaming performance.

A new 80 Plus power supply will run cooler, consume less power and possibly increase stability, but it won't make things run faster.

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