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Dell Optiplex 990 raid configuration

Hello I have a dell optiplex 990 and I cannot create a new raid.

I have a SSD for my main drive.  But I want to create a raid 1 with two spare drives I have just as a storage volume.

When booting CTRL+I does not do anything.  Even though the OROM is enabled.  I have the Intel Rapid Storage software installed and it does not allow me to create a new raid.

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RE: Dell Optiplex 990 raid configuration

my experience with the 990 minitower is that the drives need to be physically connected (SATA and Power cables) for the RAID1 "Ctrl-I" set up screen to appear.

the above may seem very weird, but you may find it true, like I did, after experiencing huge frustration  trying to configure RAID1 before the extra drives are physically connected. (actually I was trying to do RAID1 configuration boot array before imaging with MS SCCM from a server in central IT)

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RE: Dell Optiplex 990 raid configuration

Having a main boot drive then adding Raid on top of it can sometime be tricky. I think the 990 uses the same storage controller for all ports meaning you would have to make the main drive at least a virtual disk. Is RAID enabled in the BIOS?

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