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Dell Precision 490 - RAM Cooling Problem


I have a Dell Precision 490 (http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/precn/en/spec_precn_490_en.pdf), and the problem is the memory fan runs very fast and noisy.  I checked the temperatures for the RAM, it runs at around 58-65 C at idle.  Meanwhile the CPUs run pretty cool at around 34C.  So I think the noise and heat definitely come from the RAM and the fan above the RAM. So:

1. Is it possible to make the fan silent, as it's running at full speed and it's very noisy? Or,

2. Is it possible to switch the RAM to another type of RAM, so it runs cooler? If so, can I use regular desktop RAM?

3. Are there any solutions to cool down the RAM?

4. Any other recommendations?


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Re: Dell Precision 490 - RAM Cooling Problem

 Hi AYL,

As the Memory fans in the system are spinning fast and making noise, I suggest you to install and run the latest BIOS for the system, which cloud fix the problem.

If the system speed is normal there is no need to increase the memory in the system, Precession 490 supports 32 GB memory in it. Please check the below Memory table for Precession 490 if you want to increase the memory.

To increase the speed of the system, please close all the programs running in the background.

Please reply for any further help.


Thanks & Regards,
Nikhil D

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