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Dell Wireless Keyboard - RT7D40 and R44838 driver

I have a Dell wireless keyboard model RT7D40.  It came as a package with a wireless mouse and receiver with my XPS400 system.  The driver package for this keyboard is R44838.  I am wondering if anyone has the driver package saved somewhere.  If the keyboard was bought separate from a system then it came with a CD that had the R44838 driver on it.  If the keyboard came with a system, this CD was not included.  Rather, they put the drivers on the system restore CD's.  Here is my problem.  The driver was not added to my system disc package.  The R44838 download from Dell is not good.  It has been compromised and tries to install a patch for an audio problem.  I have tried the download from Dell Support, from the FTP link, and from 3rd party driver companies on the web.  They all have the version that is not correct anymore.  I had the correct one from someone a couple of years ago but have since lost it.  So, I am looking for anyone who saved the R44838 driver when it was still good from Dell or someone who has the original CD that came with the keyboard/mouse combo package.  Thanks...

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RE: Dell Wireless Keyboard - RT7D40 and R44838 driver

Did you ever find a clean copy of  R44838 driver?  I need one if you have such (


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RE: Dell Wireless Keyboard - RT7D40 and R44838 driver

The driver should come from DELL not a warez site or other malware vector.

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