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Dell XPS 8700 replace GPU?


I got my XPS 8700 a week ago, and I'm already thinking about replacing the GPU in a couple of months.

Current specs:

  • Prosessor: i7 4770
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 660
  • Memory: 24GB RAM
  • Storage: 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD

The GPU I'm looking at right now is the MSI GTX 770 (4GB version).

Would this work with the stock PSU, or do I have to replace that aswell?

And something else I was wondering about: What motherboard is it in this pc?


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RE: Dell XPS 8700 replace GPU?

A little late to the Topic, maybe my post will assist others. After seeing the NVIDIA GTX 960 was an approved upgrade for the XPS 8700, went for it & wow, was happy that I did. 

Was considering one of the low powered 750 Ti variants, had I not came to this site, would have been stuck badly with buyer's remorse. 

As to the GTX 970, have seen this done in YouTube videos, even if it's fine, wouldn't do it unless it's on the approved list, because the PC is under warranty for another 31 months. It's too much trouble swapping PSU's, plus that cost has to be factored into the upgrade, placing it at close to $450 even if one's doing all the work. The card is $350 when not on promo & no way would I consider cheaping out on a PSU. Those $40 ones aren't worth taking a chance on. Quality PSU's costs money, and the included one by Dell is such. 

The GTX 960 is a great upgrade for the XPS 8700 w/out any other hardware changes, and is considered to be a mid-tier card, removing the 'budget' tag out of the picture. Most consumers won't regret it. 


Proud Dell owner since 2003, beginning with the Dell Latitude C640.
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XPS 8700 specs (current), added 92mm front intake in well concealed stock area, no case mod needed, only two screws & PWM splitter (exhaust tied to CPU fan speed), intake uses stock exhaust header & fan. All fans controlled by SpeedFan, otherwise would be locked at just over 800 rpm, now all runs over 2000 rpm.

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