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Dell XPX 8300 - Upgrade / Transplant (Completed)

Successfully transplanted a Dell XPS 8300 to a Corsair Spec-02 case w/upgrades.  Mind you, that many will ask why didn't you invest in a new PC?  Well, in a way in this build I did keep the future in mind and there is sentimental value to Sandy Bridge....

With the upgraded GPU, PSU, CPU Cooler, SSD, and case I am ready for a Z270 mobo, DDR4 ram, and i7-7700k processor when I can find a good deal in the future.

I can't complain with consistent 120-144 FPS when playing games.

System -

Stock Dell XPS 8300 MOBO

i7-2600 Sandy Bridge CPU

16GB DDR3 1333mhz

Samsung EVO 500GB SSD

Master Cooler Turbo 212 LED CPU Cooler

EVGA GTX 1070ti ftw2

EVGA Supernova G3 750 watt PSU

Asus G-Sync Predator 27in IPS 1440p 165hz Monitor