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Dell cancelled my order over a response i sent them immediately.

I rescently ordered a beautiful new computer off dell...or so i thought. 2 Days after lodging my order i recieved an email from them stating that my audio card wasnt compatible with the tv tuner in my computer. They gave me 2 options remove card and use integrated or cancel order. So immediately (as i really need this computer) i marked my response in the 'remove card' section and sent the message. 2 Days passed and i got another email saying to make sure i send a response if i havent already done so. I checked my outbox and there sat my message saying 'sent successfully'. So i took no action. But then today i get a message saying that no response was recieved and my order had been cancelled. This is absolute rubbish and the computer i want isnt on sale anymore. It's ridiculous that i should have to pay $150 for a supposed mail glitch. I have sent Dell a message in regard to this matter and if they are unable to salvage my previous order i will take my business elsewhere. It's bad enough that their 'compatability check' software didnt pick up on the problem, but now for my order to be cancelled altogether...grrrrrr.

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