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Dimension 9200c reliability?

I'm interested in buying the 9200c instead of the 9200 but a co-worker told me not to get the 9200c because it has reliability issues due to heating problems. He says all the components cramped in such a small case can generate too much heat at times and cause failure. Any truth to this???
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I can't recall any heat related issues, but the 9200c is limited as far as expandabilty.  That model only offers one PCI Express x16 card slot and one PCI Express x1 card slot which are half height slots.   The 9200 model offers three PCI slots, one PCI Express x1 card slot, one PCI Express x16 card slot and one PCI Express x4 card slot which are full height. 
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I don't recall an avalanche of posts regarding 9200C thermal issues.  Ya know, co-workers like to sound smart/informed and all--I'm sure s/he is trying to be helpful.
The "compact = overheats" perception comes largely from laptops.  Cooling them became an issue when they passed the 1GHz barrier.  With the current generation of desktops, there is an Intel cooling initiative in place, and cooling is much less an issue now that it was just 2 years ago.
Search this forum for 9200C and see how many 'thermal' hits you get, decide for yourself.

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well...having bought one and had the motherboard *** out just after the 1 year warranty ran out I can tell you thermal issues are huge with this model. I will never buy another dell as long as I live and neither will anyone I know if I can help it. Not only is this a problem that is well known on the internet and dell has done nothing about it, but I have just been charged another $200 for a new motherboard. Next time it fries I will just go out and buy another computer (NOT A DELL). I was also hung up on twice before in the middle of someone trying to find me a new part. Just dropped the call I guess. Maybe a bit more training in the call centers. I am so sorry I listened to my ex and bought a dell.


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