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Factory Reset Optiplex 380


I have an optiplex380 which had several virus and now is out of the network. I would like to reset it to factory default.

I cannot find any recovery disk.

Dell DataSafe ou Dell Backup and Recovery are not installed so I think the factory backup is not available using these tools.

I cannot find Dell Factory Image Restore when I get to the win7 System Restore using F8 key at the startup.

I read some topic about ctl+F11 at the Dell logo but it doesn't work neither.

How can i restore the factory configuration?



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Dimension models have that feature not Optiplex. You will have to get resource Disk and OS Disk from dell support. 

This option is ONLY available to systems that are covered by a warranty AND ONLY in the USA.

Outside USA you have to go thru Support for your country.

The 380 just as the 780 is well beyond the standard warranty.


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