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GX620 Problem with the fan

Hi Dell Communities
First, please excuse me if i make some (or many :P) errors; i'm french and i'm not a very good pupil.
So, my problem is that when i turn on my Optiplex GX620, the fan make a horrible big and loud noise, and then continue normally, as if it has not done anything. This happen when i turn on my PC (i said), but also when i turn it on after deactivation.
At home, there's three other GX620 but no one do that at starting.
I think i should see something in the BIOS (A11) but it didn't find anything. (i didn't understand everything)
Please help me, this is very annoying, because everytime i turn on my computer, everyone in other room know it. -_-'

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your english is better than my english ...
You can test doing a BIOS update and do a update of the Audio driver .
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i want to purchase optilex gx620 can u recommend it?

or it have any manufacturing faults like dell optilex gx280 fan noise


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