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Heating problem

Well recently I have been noticing that my GPU Temp is getting really high. Just earlier i saw it get to 120 which is obviously not good. It idle's at around 80 which i know it shouldn't. I have a Geforce 7600 GS on my Dell 8300. My question is what can i do to fix this problem and should i replace my fan or should i replace the GPU fan. Thanks in advance
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Re: Heating problem

Start by disconnecting PC from the wall. Open the case and carefully blow the dust bunnies off fan blades on CPU fan, GPU fan, and power supply fan,  and clean the tower's air vents with canned air.


You may want to try starting up the PC with case open (use caution!) to make sure all the fans are actually working.


Not sure you can replace the fan on the nVidia card if it's not working, but if you have an empty slot you could buy a PCI fan card and install it so it blows on the video card. 




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