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How to reinstall Win 10 on Optiflex 960

I bought a friend a refurbished Optiflex 960.  Unfortunately, he forgot his login password.  I suggested that he boot into BIOS (F2) and change the boot sequence so that his CD/USB drive appears at the top of the list of bootable drives.  After he hits the ESC key he's prompted whether he wants to save changes and he chooses "YES" and his computer reboots.  He has the reinstallation thumbdrive plugged in but upon reboot he keeps coming up to the Windows 10 login screen.  How does my friend reinstall Windows 10 from scratch so that he can start afresh and create a password that he'll write down and is easy for him to remember?  BTW, his thumbdrive's light does blink so it's not dead.  Thank you. 

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RE: How to reinstall Win 10 on Optiflex 960


Unfortunately, Windows 10 is not supported by Dell on this computer. There are no Windows 10 drivers available for download. If you still are wanting to install Windows 10 you can click the link below.

Installing Windows 10

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RE: How to reinstall Win 10 on Optiflex 960

Never use the optical drive for Windows 10 OS installation. For best results use a Bootable USB. First follow the instructions here to wipe the HDD or SSD:


Then perform the steps here to Clean Install:



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RE: How to reinstall Win 10 on Optiflex 960

I have had Zero issues installing windows 10 using a 1x or 2x or 4x burned DVD via the optical drive.  F12 booting DVD and pressing enter when it says press any key to boot from DVD.

Specifically on older Dells all the way down to Optiplex GX620.   There have always been region code issues because now most microsoft media dvd's are region coded. Clean installs are possible on most Optiplex machines with windows 10.

So for GX620's I install XP via CD and then download any firmware upgrades for the optical drive and installl via xp.  I also change the region code for my drives to 1 for USA.

Once this is done there are zero issues installing burned or commercial dvd's for windows 7 or 8 or 10.

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