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Inspiron 530s bootup error (memory issue)

Upon starting my desktop, the following occurs:

Fan continuously runs at high speed

Display does not appear

A beep code plays (with the following pattern):

2 short beeps (wait 2 seconds) 2 short beeps (wait 2 seconds), etc

This continues until I shut it down. An online article claims that this indicates an issue with memory. How do I solve this?

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RE: Inspiron 530s bootup error (memory issue)

Try each memory module one at a time in each socket -- the two beep sequence mean no memory is being detected at all.  Is this new memory, or has it worked in the past?

If it has worked in the past, but isn't now -- and there is more than one module - if you get nothing from trying them one at a time, odds are overwhelming it's the mainboard that's bad (the statistics for two modules failing at the same time present overwhelming odds the issue isn't the memory modules).

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