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My Inspiron 580 needs a new Processor.

I need to know (without splitting my whole computer open) the maximum number of cores I can jam into my Motherboard. I have been unable to find the specs for my Motherboard so if anyone else has gone through the same motions as me, please respond. Again, it's an Inspiron 580. Thanks.

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Re: My Inspiron 580 needs a new Processor.


i3 and i5 processors are supported, i7 processors are not.

The Inspiron 580 was sold with the following processors:-

Intel Core i3-540
Intel Core i5 650 (3.2GHz/4MB cache)
Intel Core i3 550 (3.2GHz/4MB cache)
Intel Pentium Dual Core G6960 (2.93GHz/3MB cache)
Intel Core i5 760 (2.8GHz/8MB cache)
Intel Core i5 750, 45nm, 95w, processor (8MB Cache, 2.66GHz)

Prior to upgrading the processor, check that the latest BIOS version is installed, as BIOS Version A06 has Enhance CPU support.




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RE: My Inspiron 580 needs a new Processor.

sorry to bring back this old thread but it's very important to point out that the Intel Core i5 750 & 760 CPUs do NOT come with integrated/onboard Intel HD Graphics, thus any user who installs a 750 or 760 processor will also have to install a discrete graphics card onto a PCIe slot in the Dell Inspiron 580 computer; otherwise the Dell 580 PC will not boot up with just installing either the 750 or 760 CPU alone since no graphics adapter is available.

Go with any of the Core i5 600 series like 650, 660, 670 or even 680 because those come with integrated Intel graphics features.

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