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Optiplex 755 and the windows 10 update

I have an Optiplex 755 that will not update to the latest windows update. After about 24 attempts at installing the updates for the 755, I am about to start biting folks. Is there a common problem that people are having with the newest update that I am failing to see? I have already been through Windows support three times and they don't seem to be able to say why it won't update. Any thoughts??

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RE: Optiplex 755 and the windows 10 update

Hi mhayes45,

Thanks for posting.

Unfortunately, the Optiplex 755 is not tested nor supported with Windows 10.  While it may work, drivers and other support is not available from Dell.


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RE: Optiplex 755 and the windows 10 update

There are no issues clean installing windows 10 on the 755.  There are specific Legacy Driver requirements.  Windows 10 works with Optiplex GX620, 745, 755, 760, 780, 960, 980, 990 etc.



I also have no issues with upgrade install from previous versions 1511 or 1607.   Clean install from Known good media is more stable however.   Bios should be updated to latest for best results.  That may require reinstall of XP temporarily to get up to A22.  You must update in stages you cant jump from A00 to A22 in 1 step.


9/7/2007  9:11 AM      2074224 o755-a01.exe
10/9/2007 1:20 PM 2075454 o755-a03.exe
11/6/2007 3:14 PM 2120223 o755-a04.exe
2/21/2008 10:31 PM 2129305 o755-a08.exe
3/27/2008 1:02 AM 2128247 o755-a09.exe
6/20/2008 10:57 AM 2230747 o755-a10.exe
9/25/2008 9:30 PM 2245562 o755-a11.exe
1/19/2009 3:50 AM 2218273 o755-a12.exe
3/6/2009 5:01 AM 2220018 o755-a13.exe
6/24/2009 4:59 AM 2220070 o755-a14.exe
9/17/2009 10:58 PM 2223999 o755-a15.exe
1/20/2010 4:49 PM 2226516 o755-a16.exe
4/8/2010 3:09 AM 2229703 o755-a17.exe
6/30/2011 3:50 AM 2227846 o755-a19.exe
10/26/2011 3:11 AM 2239507 o755-a20.exe




If you have windows 10 download and create a Windows 10 1703 DVD and burn at 1X or 2X or 4X max speed and clean install.   Most of the hardware works out of the box but the chipset and intel RST and video cards like the Radeon 2400, 2600, 3400, 4600, etc are also legacy.   The AMD auto detect utility does not work with these legacy cards and the Audio Codec is not installed automatically.

Directx June 2010 is a must.


You download the file, extract into a folder, and run DXsetup.exe as administrator.

This is why you can now buy these models with Windows 10 Preinstalled.  OEM System Builder DVD versions of the software in 32 and 64 bit ARE available.  You need at least Pentium D 900 series like the 915 or better in order to install 64 bit windows 8.1 or 10.

Pentium D 800 series works fine with 32 bit version of windows 10.




I tell my clients these are Free computers because the retail cost of windows home is $119 and PRO is FQC-08788 $199.  I only recommend the TOWER version because they do not have proprietary power supplies and they are the most upgrade-able.






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