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Realtek AC'97 audio driver

I recently reinstalled windows on a Dell Optiplex GX270. All of the hardware worked out find except for the sound card. It's a Realtek AC'97 card, and I cannot find a working driver for it. -A driver CD that may have come with the computer is not an option as the previous owner cannot find one. -The driver provided by the company ( installs ok, but leads to a blue screen crash shortly thereafter. -The realtek drivers I could find on the Dell site lead to similar blue screen crashes. Does anyone indicate a driver that will work? ------------------ Some Computer specifications: Dell Optiples GX270 Windows XP professional (Service Pack 2) Intel Pentium 4, 2800 MHz
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Sam Waring
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Re: Realtek AC'97 audio driver

Are you talking about an expansion sound card, or the integrated audio? If the former, that's probably something added after purchase (Dell didn't sell RealTek sound cards in the GX270, only integrated ADI or Creative SoundBlaster). Since Dell didn't offer this card as a factory option, naturally its drivers would not be on the Dell Support site.

If the latter, it's not RealTek but Analog Devices ADI1981. Its driver is R58182.EXE, which is downloadable from .
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