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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

Say on. I'm reading.

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?


Not familiar with the software you are referring to but,  Foxconn built these boards for Dell, there were 2 flavors. The MT board is different than the 435T-9000. There are some quarks about them and the OS. One example is a few years ago I installed a SSD in mine. The OS could not be cloned, not complete. My system was a refurb, built early 2009,  you can see there were problems from the get go. I did for a while run a i7 940, original was a 920. My board went away a year ago, I replaced it with a used one. BIOS A16 did away with using DDR3 1333Mhz memory in the middle of 2010. These systems were supposed to be their "gamer boxes". Less than a year later Dell purchased Alienware from the founders. This is business and I do understand it.

Never been unhappy with mine after the changes were made. It compliments the other hand full of X58 systems I own.

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

After 2009, I never seen Dell issue a bios upgrade for little 435. It needed to have the voltage turned up. The first year I owned the 435mt, it crashed a lot. I kept a spare 0R849J board and 920 processor lying around just in case it kacked. Lol. It came with an AMD HD4950 video card, a small 350w psu and the x58. That combination just cooked. I recall replacing the psu three times, the video card twice and adding extra fans, 2 just for the chipset. It sorely needed the voltage turned up.

I was fortunate to get the 435 model that included the huge heatsink and fan. It kept the processor cool. Now days, I use it for watching videos, work and Emails. Runs great for that.

I figured Dell is doing business like every other business. Their in the business of selling computers, not fixing them or spare parts.

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

In 2013 I wrote about my plan to purchase my third graphics card. Actually I did purchase a Sapphire graphics card - primarily since there were reviews that it consumes less power and also does not heat up much.

I am happy to report that the card is still working fine, though I really do not stress the computer much except while doing some video encoding in Adobe Premiere - maybe a few times in a month.

Last week I did a good clean up of the system with my vacuum cleaner.

I also removed the heatsink+ fan from the CPU and applied new Arctic Silver paste (my very first time) after 7+ years.

The overall temperatures in the case have gone down and there is less noise in the system

While playing games, I simply use an external 35 Watt fan which blows air from the side of the case (which is kept open since last 2 years). That instantly reduces the temperature of the GPU by 10 degrees. The only con is the noise that this 35 Watt fan produces. 😞

In another thread I read about NB cooling and that has caught my attention.

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

The current version of Intel's eXtreme Tuning Utility (XTU) seems to allow for "overclocking" Turbo Boost, even on OEM motherboards like Dell's. 

Overclocking with Intel's current Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) doesn't seem to work on a 435T/9000 with hex core processors, although this may be related to Turbo Boost not working with hex core processors.  With a hex core W3690 XTU shows Turbo Multipliers, Turbo Boost Current Max and Turbo Boost Power all as enabled.  But no matter what they're set to, the actual Max Core Frequency never goes above 26x or 3.46 GHz (the non-Turbo multiplier/frequency).  Below is screenshot from XTU version (dated 10/30/2017) running on a 435T/9000 with a Xeon W3690 and default, unchanged XTU settings.  Under "Core" on the top, what's grayed out can't be changed, but what's blue can.

Quad core Bloomfields with unlocked multipliers might be overclocked with XTU on the 435T/9000 and the 435MT because Turbo Boost works on both machines when used with quad core Bloomfields. 

On the other hand, XTU has enough bugs when used with the 435T and 435MT (even with quad core processors where Turbo works) that I really can't recommend using it.  Bugs include:

  • Values shown for "Turbo Boost Current Max" and "Turbo Boost Power" are wrong (they're switched).  In the above XTU screenshot Power should be 130 W (the TDP for the CPU) and Current should be 110 A.
  • If you enable the display of individual Core Frequencies the values are wrong.  For example, when 3.46 GHz should be displayed, 2.60 GHz is instead.  (Multiplying by 1.33 would correct it - note multiplier is 26x and bus clock is 0.133 GHz.) 
  • "Turbo Boost Current Max" and "Turbo Boost Power" are grayed out for 435MT with a W3580 (they shouldn't be - it's an unlocked CPU and the 435MT supports changing this).  Without being able to adjust this overclocking the Multiplier will throttle, making it mostly pointless.
  • Changes to "Multipliers" settings are ignored for W3690 on 435T (yes, 435T has a bug with Turbo, but the multiplier can be changed, regardless).

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

Well, at 4.12 GHz Prime95 crashed. 

Backed off to 3.98 GHz - stable, but started minor throttling after 2 minutes.

3.85 GHz is stable and no throttling after 5 minutes.

With the Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000 running a hex core at 3.85 GHz I'm feeling a little better about the locked BIOS.

HWiNFO64 Sensor screen capture while running Prime95 below. 

I need to do more testing, but I'll post details later.

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

Was able to overclock the 435MT (black Mini Tower) as well. 

More of a proof of concept since box has so many heat issues.  On original CPU cooler it's running too hot (around 80C) for me to feel comfortable overclocking 24/7. I had to feed it so much power to keep it from throttling it made me nervous.  I stopped incrementing the speed/multiplier before Prime95 crashed or I got a BSOD, so it might have more headroom.

Screenshot shows HWiNFO64 Sensors while running Prime95 on the 435MT with a W3580 CPU (Intel Xeon-branded version of an i7-975) at 3.72 GHz (28x multiplier).  Stock frequency for the W3580 is 3.33 GHz (same as i7-975).

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

Unfortunately, in order to overclock the 435T/9000 or 435MT you'll need a high-end CPU with an unlocked multiplier. 

If you're upgrading from an i7-920 at 2.67 GHz, upgrading the CPU to a high-end quad core will give you most of the speed increase.  Overclocking the upgraded CPU may only give you an increase in speed of maybe a third to half as much again.  And, there's no guarantee how much a specific CPU can be overclocked.

Quad core processors with unlocked multiplier where overclocking works or should work in both the 435MT and 435T/9000:

Bloomfield, i7-9xx series

    • i7-975, 3.33 GHz - $95
    • i7-965, 3.2 GHz - $80

Bloomfield, Xeon W35xx series

    • W3580, 3.33 GHz - $30
    • W3570, 3.2 GHz - $20

Hex core processors with unlocked multiplier that only work in the 435T/9000 - overclocking works or should work:

Gulftown, i7-9xx series

    • i7-990X, 3.46 GHz - $280
    • i7-980X, 3.33 GHz - $165

Gulftown, Xeon W36xx series

    • W3690, 3.46 GHz - $115
    • W3680, 3.33 GHz - $80

Approximate prices are for reference and from ebay.  Caveat emptor on item quality and sellers.  Note the much less expensive prices for Intel Xeon-branded CPUs compared to their corresponding i7 counterpart.  Same performance, just they're surplus because businesses are upgrading to new computer systems.

(For more details on processors compatible with the 435T/9000, see the Studio XPS 435t / 9000 compatible processor list thread.)

Will post more when I get a chance.

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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?


Were you able to use the intel XTU to overclock a hex core on the XPS9000?

Is it possible to use that program with a hex core, I also noticed that the turbo boost does not seem to work on my machine - i7 990x - on an XPS 9000.

Keep up the great posts, as they are very helpful.


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RE: Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?


Thanks.  I documented how ThrottleStop can be used to partially work around the lack of Turbo with the 435T.  Details here.

I'll post details on overclocking later.