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Upgrading my Studio XPS 435MT

I'm thinking of upgrading my Studio XPS 435MT as my NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 is seriously overheating, the question I'm asking is will all my components from my Studio XPS 435MT fit with the list of parts below:

1. Cooler Master HAF X USB 3.0 XL ATX Case

2. PNY GTX 660Ti GeForce Nvidia Graphics Card (2GB, PCI-E )

3. Cooler Master RS650-ACAAE3-UK GX-Series 650W 80 Plus Power Supply Unit

Thanks for any reply

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RE: Upgrading my Studio XPS 435MT

Hello. It's been about a year since you posted. Did you get everything to fit in the new case? I noticed nobody replied. Sorry to see that. I own a 435mt, too. In fact, it's 5 years old. I've worked every corner I can to keep it running. I'm still using the mt case, believe it or not. I've no plans to change it either. I don't play games on it anymore because it can no longer keep up with the bigger maps like BF3 or BF4. The last video card I installed in it was a Radeon HD7850. I'm sure with a little modification to get by the I/O jacks (on the bottom of the motherboard) I run bigger cards.

Heat was a big factor why I stopped using the 435mt. I removed the fan cover off the HD7850 and it ran 15c's cooler. The fan just blew the heat into the case. This made the cpu hotter (by 15c) and at the same time I discovered the northbridge chipset (DX58) was going past 80c. There was no escaping the high heat so decided to build a game computer and make the 435mt  my work computer.

I did get the northbridge to cool down by getting a SilenX INX-40c fan and heatsink.  40c cooler. 15 bucks. Really a good deal. If I run the 435mt with the door unhinged, it runs even cooler. cpu doesn't go beyond 42c on idle.

It's got a SeaSonic G series 650 watt psu to help push it along. For 5 good years, I can't complain.

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