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Windows 10 update broke my XPS 8900

CURSE YOU MICROSOFT! few hours ago my xps 8900 is working fine then wife called me for dinner and I decided to turn off my PC. It asked me if I want to install the update and shutdown or restart. I choose shutdown. after eating dinner I went back and booted up the machine and asked me for my password. While I was typing I noticed that I was not connected to my network anymore but I still proceeded logging in. After I press enter it just hanged on the looping circle and I was cursing after that. Can't even do control, alt+ del. I have to turn off the PSU. Did the same thing more than 10 times same result. I was ready to hurt somebody.

Good thing I have a backup laptop that has the exact programs and setup as the xps 8900 and good thing my data files are in a network external drive. So I went looking at the web and saw tons of people having problems after the windows update. The dell recovery drive I made does not even want to work and I know it works before as I already did a full recovery with the USB when I did a SSD upgrade. Now I am forced to use a stock windows 10 recovery disk I have to reinstall the OS......this just stinks......so to all of you out there DO NOT UPDATE WINDOW 10 OR GO BACK TO WINDOWS 7! which I am thinking of doing. Good thing Bill Gates is not my neighbor or else I will <deleted> because of this mess.

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