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Re: XPS 420 (425W PSU) and NVIDIA GTX260

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EDIT: Sorry contrvlr, Pittsburgh's playing so I only looked at Chris' accepted not the post below that affirms that the PSU works.

I was running back and forth to the computer and the game as well Smiley Wink


I'm a Pats fan, but like to watch Ben play.


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Re: XPS 420 (425W PSU) and NVIDIA GTX260

If the PSU able to upgrade with Third Party.. hemm i guess i have to dig outside. 9800GX2.. here i come...:)
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Re: XPS 420 (425W PSU) and NVIDIA GTX260


I'm a couple of steps in front of you and already have my GX2 in hand. Visit this thread at RS forums as it may be a huge time savings for you. Lots of information. .


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