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XPS 8500 will not boot after GPU upgrade

Hello all

I have a XPS8500 (3rd gen i5, 12gb ram, windows 10).  I installed a 600W power supply and replaced the AMD HD 7500 GPU with a Zotac GTX970. 

It was my first time doing this but I had some purchasing guidance from one of the pros at microcenter and install seemed very straight forward based on what I read. Everything went in fine and fit properly. I followed the directions to uninstall the existing GPU driver before replacing and download the latest driver for the new card but not install it. 

When I press the power button the boot screen loads (shows the Dell logo and blue progress bar, so I know the display works). Once the progress bar is full nothing happens and after about 30 seconds I get a beep from inside the case. Pressing F2 or F12 in the boot screen does nothing and makes ticking sounds if you press it after the beep starts. I did what trouble shooting I could but I am stumped.  To me it seems like the OS isn't loading.

I checked all of the power connections, they are all correct and tight. All of the SATA cables and such are tight. I put my ear to the HD on power up and I can hear it wind up. The HD makes a slightly different sound when it starts spinning, I don't know if that means anything... Whats going on here???

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RE: XPS 8500 will not boot after GPU upgrade

Did you upgrade to the latest system BIOS (version A12)?  Various earlier BIOS versions failed to complete POST with some graphics cards.

Is your BIOS boot mode set to "Legacy" mode?  If the BIOS boot mode is not set to "Legacy" mode, the OS may not boot due to security checks.

The Zotac GTX 970 apparently does function in an XPS 8500, using A12 level BIOS and with BIOS set to Legacy mode.  See the following post:

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RE: XPS 8500 will not boot after GPU upgrade

What happens if you disconnect the hard drive(s)?

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