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"No boot device available" failed hard drive help

Hello, my xps 8500 has been showing "no boot device available" on start up. I understand this to be hard drive failiar but am hoping for a temp quick fix just to access and transfer files to a memory stick.

When enitialy starting up, raid volumes status is displayed as "disabled" and bootable No

But when pressing F1 at the "no boot device available" screen and it restartes, the raid volumes status reads "normal" but bootable remains No.

Running windows 8 and have cheacked that boot mode is UEFI and secure boot is disabled and such. Have also run the diagnostics using f12 and got error code 2000-0142.

Would appreciate any help, what I could try thanks.

Also if I were to buy a new hard drive, how would I install windows again, as I never received a copy on disk from dell.

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Mary G
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RE: "No boot device available" failed hard drive help

Buy and install a new hard drive and download the Create Media Tool to make your own windows installation disk.


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