4600C Cooling Fan Inop

My cooling fan for 4600C appears to have totally stopped. First indication of no cooling is system shutdown.  I have placed  a small portable fan blowing on back of unit, but appears I need a new fan.  Any ideas? Can I order a fan and replace it myself?  is this a commoin problem with the 4600C?
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Re: 4600C Cooling Fan Inop

Not a common issue but all fans can fail. The 4600C uses a centrifugal fan. They are easily replaceable (I love Dell systems for ease of service !) and appear to be somewhat available outside of Dell.

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x_lab rat

Re: 4600C Cooling Fan Inop

The fans Dell uses are actually pretty good, ball bearing, brushless.  They are off-the-shelf products, with the exception that the connector is Dell-specific.

The compact design of the C models makes cooling very difficult without the main fan running.  I wouldn't use it that way if I could help it.  If you must, open the case and direct the external fan inside.

Aftermarketers do sell Dell-compatible fans, but make sure the site specifies the exact model it is to go in, as the fan features and connectors are model-specific.

Removing the heatsink to replace the fan, it is strongly preferable to remove all the old heatsink compound from both surfaces and replace it with new upon reassembly.

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