Dell Datasafe Local Backup has stopped working error msg

Not sure if i am in the correct forum but I will start here. I just bought a new dell Inspiron 620, 64-bit OS, Windows 7 Home premium. Within 3 hours of OwNing it, I started getting the above error message once in awhile. I spoke with a tech support person from the store I purchased the computer from and was told that if I felt comportable doing my backups, I could safely ignore the message. I feel that is not an acceptable answer considering it is brand new and cost a small fortune. I do backup all of my data files,music and graphics to an external hard drive and dics. Please advise how you think I should handle this. Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Dell Datasafe Local Backup has stopped working error msg

If this is really 3 hours old.  I would do several things.

1. Buy a 16 gig or larger USB 2.0 Flash drive of good quality.

2. Backup Everything with the Basic Dell Datasafe recovery option.

3. Backup any personal data.

4. Make sure F8 Factory restore works via booting the USB Flash drive and Via F8 boot and restore.

This will wipe out all of your personal data but if its only 3 hours old that should not be an issue.

5.  Register this machine with Dell and Request Restore Media from dell (Always Best to do within the 1st year)

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