No boot device available

Hi !

My computer's been going to a black screen saying:

No boot device available

SATA 0: Installed

SATA 1: Installed

SATA 2: None

SATA 3: None

System Type:

Inspiron Desktop 531

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Re: No boot device available

How long was it running before you got the message? Were you in the chassis adding or removing parts? If not, power down, open the chassis cover, disconnect/reconnect all of the HDD cabling to and from the motherboard and the HDD. Close the chassis cover and power on. Press F12 to enter the Boot Menu. If the HDD is seen, it will show something like SATA 0 :  HD. What does yours show? If no drive is seen, then try the HDD on a different motherboard SATA port. If no go on any of the SATA ports, then the drive or the cabling is bad.

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