Power button won't work!

I just recently shutdown my computer to install a MMC drive reader (for MP3 player) and I have not been able to turn my computer back on. This was never a problem before.

I hit the power button and it will not start up!

I have opened up the computer and the light is on...so I know it is getting power.

I removed the MMC drive and it still does not work.

I can get it on eventually after pushing the buttons a hundred times and I worry if I shut it down again, I won't get it back.

I have not shut it down since noticing this problem.
But this morning I awoke to realize it had shut down by itself...and again it was a hundred pushes to get it back up!

I also cannot run my DELL Diagnosis program cause the MS-DOS mode tells me "invalid drive" but the disk is in my tower DVD-ROM! THE RIGHT DRIVE!!

Need help!

Dimension L667r

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RE: Power button won't work!

If you don't think the MMC drive reader is the source of the problem then don't tell Dell. If you are inside the 1 year home service you might want to take the drive out before the service rep gets there.

Remember, even after you took the drive out it still didn;t work. So maybe it's a coincidence.


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RE: Power button won't work!

unplug the internet cable and push the start button - should power on then plug the internet cable back in - mine just started doing this also

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RE: Power button won't work!

unplug the internet cable - it should then start

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RE: Power button won't work!

That's a twelve-year-old thread you just opened up. It's amazing that any of these are still in use!

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RE: Power button won't work!

Due to it's age I have locked this thread.

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