Stop 0x000000EA nv4_disp infinite loop error

Hi guys,

I've been spending (literally) all day trying to fix my computer that has been giving me a stop error since last night.

I've searched the Dell support & forums, the Nvidia support & forums, and even have googled the problem.

Several times I have found potential solutions, but everything I've tried has failed thus far.

In order to get my computer past the stop error screen I had to boot in safe mode and uninstall the Nvidia card in Device manager>Display adapters>Action>uninstall.

This is the stop error I received (shortened to the important info):

The device driver got stuck in an infinite loop. this usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programing the hardware incorrectly.

Please check with your hardware device vendor for any driver updates

Technical information:

Stop 0x000000EA


beginning dump of physical memory

physical memory dump complete

contact your system admin or tech support for further assistance

This is what my screen looks like currently:

Through my searches for a fix I found that several people have had similar errors, but none of them thus far has mentioned their screen looking anything like mine. The screen has lines of primarily green and pink pixels dotting the screen at all times. Any time anything moves on the screen (like scrolling down a webpage), the pixels increase and nearly blot out the entire screen (about 85% of it).

Many of the "solutions" suggested updating the device driver, but all of my attempts to update the device driver have failed. Each time, I ended up having to uninstall the driver again because it would give me the same Blue screen error.


I suspect that the video card has died, rather than a driver issue, but unfortunately my warentee expired a few months ago, and it may be awhile until I can afford to renew it. Therefore I have no idea how to find out if it actually is a device update issue or the card itself.

I have limited funds, so I can't waste time or money on the wrong solution.

I'm hoping that someone here will be able to help me decide what to do. I have virtually no technical knowledge so please be patient with me.

Computer is a Dell XPS 600

Operating system is Windows XP (Media Center I think)

Nvidia GeForce 6800 graphics card

Let me know if you need more information about my system, and please include how I can find that information if you can.

Basically my question boils down to this:

How do I find out if my Video card is broken, or I can fix it with a device driver update?

If I just need a device update, where do I find it?

If I need to replace the Video card, how do I go about doing that?

Thank you for any help you can offer, I am desperate to fix my computer as soon as possible


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Re: Stop 0x000000EA nv4_disp infinite loop error

I have had that exact same issue, usually I am able to reboot and fix it.  Happens with 2 monitors video on both monitors, occurs about 2-3% of the time.

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Re: Stop 0x000000EA nv4_disp infinite loop error

I decided to bite the bullet and pay for the "Dell on call" service, which turned out to be a huge mistake.


The "technician" didn't seem to know what she was doing, often asking me to hold so she could "consult her resources". We went through several possible fixes (several of them repeatedly), but nothing was helping.


Finally, she guided me to reset my computer to the original factory settings, which resulted in completely frying my operating system. Which she did not warn me might happen.


Then she said she had to consult her resources again, but this time she said she needed a half hour, and would call me back. Which she didn't.


Thankfully I had enough foresight to back up my most important files when I first started getting this error, but hadn't bothered with the less important files, figuring if it came down to it, I'd be warned when possibility of data loss could occur. Before my warentee had expired the technicians always warned me. I figured the "Dell on call" technicians would do the same.


I was sadly mistaken.


The fact that the original problem was finally diagnosed was in no way worth the final result.


My Graphics card needs to be replaced.


Not only am I now out the cost of the "Dell on call" "support" I am now out the cost of about 50% of my data, and will also be out the cost of a new Graphics card too.


I have been so upset with this I thought it best not to post any sooner than this, else my harsh language would get me banned from the forum.


And of course this "technician" never gave me her name, so I have no idea who to file my complaint against.



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Re: Stop 0x000000EA nv4_disp infinite loop error

Youch, ok I will make a call to BFG for a new card.  Good luck!

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