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Ten Ways To Reduce Cost While Modernizing Your IT

Many organizations find innovation and attempts to modernize IT to be paralyzing, often resorting to doing nothing or maintaining yesterday’s technology at the expense of change or moving out of their comfort zones. Such inaction often comes at a high cost, usually referred to as “the cost of keeping the lights on”, leaving minimal budgets for new projects to implement new technology that will advance the data center and the business.

Additional areas that challenge many organizations include:

• adopting virtualization, convergence, and cloud

• resolving the struggle of backups, disaster recovery, and business continuance

• consolidating the data center

• the growing storage environment

In this Knowledge Sharing article—awarded Best of IT Transformation in the 2015 Knowledge Sharing Competition—Christopher Kusek examines and discusses a number of solutions, processes, and mindset changes often required to overcome these challenges. Not only will this article address some of these issues and actionable steps IT organizations small and large can adopt, but it will also position you to adopt advantages of next generation IT by leveraging a unique combination of people, process, technology, and more.

Read the full article here.

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