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Dell Command Configure TPM issue

I have been fighting with enabling, then activating the TPM on an E6420 as part of our SCCM OSD.

After some troubleshooting,the issue comes after running the following command:

cctk --tpm=on valsetuppwd=password

This turns on the TPM without issue, but it also sets the owner at the same time. After a reboot, the activation command fails with the following error:

Note: To set TPM - 1. Admin Password must be set , 2. TPM must not be owned and 3. TPM must be deactivated.

So, for some reason, the CCTK tool is setting an owner on the TPM when it turns it on. Is there a trick to get around this? I am on the latest bios (A21) and using DCC 3.0. This is how I am running these commands:


cctk.exe --setuppwd=password

cctk.exe --tpm=on --valsetuppwd=password


cctk.exe --tpmactivation=activate --valsetuppwd=password

cctk.exe --setuppwd=  --valsetuppwd=password

It fails during the activation step, because it can't activate with an owner set. I have cleared the TPM, and tested again, and it sets an owner when enabling it every time. How can I enable the TPM without setting an owner?

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RE: Dell Command Configure TPM issue

I have had success doing the --tpm=on first, doing a reboot, setting the password, another reboot, and then doing --tpmactivation=activate with the valsetuppwd switch. Maybe change the order around. Also, are you loading the HAPI drivers first and after each reboot to reload them?

I was getting similar errors on a couple systems and I found I had to clear the TPM then power off the laptop and do a cold boot, even though checking the clear option in the BIOS forced a reboot when I exited it. That seemed to fix it for me.

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RE: Dell Command Configure TPM issue


Can you please check the video present in to understand more on the mechanism to activate TPM.

Please let me know if there are any clarifications.

Shrinidhi Katte

Software Dev. Senior Engineer

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RE: Dell Command Configure TPM issue

Thanks for the useless suggestion, Shrinidhi.

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