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Latitude E5530 Windows 7 Deployment Driver issue


First time posting. Sorry if this is in the wrong area. 

I was using the latest cab for the E5530 and when I sysprep the image, I get a BSOD. The drivers install fine if i install them in WIndows normally. So i removed all the drivers from my image and installed the drivers from the dell site and the machine sysprep's fine. I believe there is a driver issue with the latest E5530 cab.

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RE: Latitude E5530 Windows 7 Deployment Driver issue

Something to consider is that in the recommended deployment strategy for Windows 7 and newer, you wouldn’t be Sysprepping a physical machine and thus wouldn’t encounter this driver error. This scenario is a perfect example of why the recommended strategy is to prepare your image in a virtual machine and to use a modern deployment tool like MDT or SCCM to inject the drivers at the time of deployment.


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