Setting up FX100 with R5500


I am looking for documentation about setting up and configuring a Dell FX100 and R5500.
This is a first for me and I do not have a clue what I have to do to make this work.

The best thing I have found is:

The Dell FX100 Remote Access Device is designed to give your workforce seamless remote access to the Dell Precision R5500 rack workstation. Using PC-over-IP® hardware-based compression technology, from Teradici™, this compact, quiet device can deliver the responsiveness of a traditional desktop workstation solution, but can be accessed from almost anywhere.

  • PC-over-IP hardware-based compression transfers only the rendered graphics pixel data over the network, ensuring a fast and responsive user experience.
  • A dedicated half-height PCIe slot for a PC-over-IP remote host card enables you to save precious PCIe slots for other needs.
  • Coming soon quad monitor support via dual FX100 devices allows you to vastly expand your visual real estate (quad monitor support only available on select configurations).
  • For situations when you need access via a soft client, the Dell Precision R5500 also offers VMware® View™ support.
Sounds really great but how do you set this up ?
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Re: Setting up FX100 with R5500

Luckily someone blogged about it a little bit but it gives a quick short understanding of where to look


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Re: Setting up FX100 with R5500

Thanks for the link, but that only describes the solution for VMware View and RDP.

I guess the thing that most are looking for is, how to set up the FX100 with the Remote Access PCoIP Cards in the R5500.

I just spend some time poking around the forums and the techcenter, but it seems, well i guess i havent found it, no documentation about this at all .....

maybe someone of Dell reading this is so kind and will point us to the correct documentation, or if that is "classified" email it to us.



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Re: Setting up FX100 with R5500

I know ... but the blog post points out how to connect to the PCoIP card

Qoute: "A network scan will reveal the open ports of 80, 427, and 443.  The MAC address will be from Teradici (00:22:5B), not Dell.  Just https to the IP address to gain access to the portal."

Just take a look around in the portal and you will see it is quite easy to configure.

Assign your network configuration to the PCoIP card etc etc and configure the FX100 client with the PCoIP ip address so it can find it

I didn't even took the effort to document it after I found my way to the portal...

Good luck !


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