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Using Netbackup 7.7 with Unity 500 File Shares

Now that we have the Unity 500 deployed and configured, we need to verify that we can backup the new File Shares before putting any data on them and allow access to users.

We are using Veritas NetBackup 7.7 (and is compatible per the matrix found in this forum).

We have configured the Unity NDMP settings per the CLI document (example from CLI doc follows) and verified the changes:

uemcli -d -u Local/joe -p MyPassword456! /net/nas/ndmp -server nas_0 set –enabled yes –passwd “Password0123”

uemcli -d -u Local/joe -p MyPassword456! /net/nas/ndmp show

1:    NAS server = nas_7

      Enabled    = yes

2:    NAS server = nas_8

      Enabled    = yes

3:    NAS server = nas_9

      Enabled    = yes

When we go to NetBackup to configure for the backups, it still wants a user ID and password.  We've tried the admin account and password as well as the password from the command above (following -passwd).  We've never configured a user account on the Unity for the NDMP to connect with (like we had to do with the VNX platforms).

Anyone have any insight or guidance as to what we need to do (either on Unity or in Netbackup) to configure the backups to run?

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Re: Using Netbackup 7.7 with Unity 500 File Shares

In the Unity GUI select the NAS server property go to the "protection & events" tab check "enable NDMP" and change password.  for netbackup the user will be ndmp and the password you just created.  

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