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ps6100 psus not showing in gui as being powered on


i have the above mentioned server, i have replaced the internal controller battery as it had failed. now the controller is back in the system. when i log into group manager the PSUs are showing as not inserted or no ac power. any way to rectify this?

i have reseated both, changed the power source still no change in the GUI, nothing appearing in the logs either to say they have been removed etc.

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Re: ps6100 psus not showing in gui as being powered on


 What version of firmware is that EQL array running?   Sounds like old firmware with newer version of Java.

 At the Group CLI try this:

GrpName>member select MEMBERNAME show enclosure

 If it displays the supplies there, you can try clearing out the browser and Java cache.  Close browsers and try again.  I would also suggest not running the applet in side the browser but as an Application.  If you go to:

http://GroupIPaddress/welcome.html  You will see a link "Run as Application"

 If none of that works and you are running older firmware, if you can upgrade the firmware to current version.



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