Equallogic and VMware, Multple VM's in one DATASTORE???

Hi, I was wondering if its a good idea to have a seperate volume on my Dell Equallogic PS4000E for each virtual machine...

EX: EQLVL-01 would be used only for MYVM01
EQLVL-02 would be used only ofr MYVM02

in the event I restore from a snapshot on the EQLLogic, it would forcefully restore the VM data for all machines! What are the best practices? (BTW I am using esxi 4.1 ISCSI targets to the PS4000E)

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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RE: Equallogic and VMware, Multple VM's in one DATASTORE???

Best practice from a VMware point of view is the guideline of 5 to 6 VMs in each data store.

Best practice from a san redundancy point of view is each to have it's own.

In reality? We do both, we give heavy servers like SQL and Exchange their own luns respectively, Others we combine them on one datstore / lun.

Ont he restore? You can map the snaps to the hosts and then browse the datastore and only put back the VM's you want / need to. The snaps run just like any other Virtual Disk from the san.
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RE: Equallogic and VMware, Multple VM's in one DATASTORE???

It really depends on the IO load of the VMs and the SAN configuration. If you are using RDMs or VMDK a really great tip is to create a virtual SCSI adapter for each VMDK/RDM. This will improve performance.

One thing on the snapshot, you do not have to do a full restore of a LUN in order to leverage snapshots. It's true using the GUI restore option and entire LUN would be rolled back. However, you can put a snapshot online, add it as a datastore, then restore a single VMDK OR mount that VMDK to another VM and restore a single file if desired. ASM/VE 3.x also allows a single VM restore from a snapshot. (or replica)

For heavy IO Windows servers (i.e. SQL, Exchange) we recommend using the MS iSCSI initiator inside the Guest to connect to array volumes. This allows all the features of the ASM/ME on those volumes. (Enhanced MPIO, snapshot, and replication)


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