Continuous beep during startup - other problems

OKAY! I have the Dell NV55C. 

A couple months ago I dropped my laptop and the screen cracked. So I took it to some cheap computer person and he repaired it. But when I turned it on I noticed that the resolution looked really funny. The writing was really small and pixel-y. I ignored it because it really wasn't a big deal. Then... a couple days later the screen would start changing colors. Like to a beige then to a red. And I'd have to close the laptop and sign back in. A few months after all these problems started showing up I ran into a even more annoying problem. When starting my computer a continuous beep would go off at the windows 7 logo. It would last about 20 seconds then it would go on with the start up. Then when I reached the log in area it was like enter was stuck.. but wasn't? It would say wrong password about 500 times like i was pressing space and hitting enter over and over again. I would hit space or press enter and it would usually stop.. I have no idea. After it would stop everything would be fine and I would just have to deal with the color changes etc. But now... it happens while I'm logged on. It causes my mouse to freeze up, touch pad won't be able to click stuff but it still allows me to move the cursor???!! And I would usually be spamming people I'm talking to with spaces. It's extremely annoying. 


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Re: Continuous beep during startup - other problems

Does your space bar and other keys work  properly in MS word?

I had a long beep on an old machine when a key was held down during start-up.

Beep codes can be a series of short beeps; count beeps for error code.

Does it beep during POST?

I'm thinking you have a hardware issue. Perhaps wrong or incorrectly installed display, keyboard, etc.

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