Dell rejected the letter below as "undeliverable"

Mr. Glenn E. Neland

Co-Senior Vice President of Global Customer Experience

Dell Inc.

One Dell Way

Round Rock, Texas 78682           


Dear Mr. Neland;


I am writing to you because several months of trying to solve a problem that Dell caused has gotten me nowhere (having dealt with likely 25 or more Dell customer service personnel in that time).  Let me give you a bit of background on me and then I will detail the specific problem.  I am a long time, loyal Dell customer.  I got my first Dell computer in 1990 and my wife got her first one not too much later.  My wife and I both work for a major University customer of Dell and have always requested that our assigned computers be Dell.  Currently in our family we own or have been assigned by the University eight different Dell computers; both desktops and laptops.  However, given the infuriating way you’re your company has neglected to fix a (realistically) small problem it caused, that association is likely about to end.


Here is what happened.  Last year in August, I sent my XPS M1330 (service tag <Admin Note:service tag removed per privacy policy~RK>) in for some warranty repair.  The hinge had broken on the screen so I needed it fixed.  I really liked the M1330; in fact it was the best laptop I had ever had.  However, in the process of repairing the hinge, somehow the screen was broken by your personnel.  As the M1330 was an older machine, apparently the screen could not be replaced.  Problem #1 was that the service department, without asking me what I wanted, replaced the machine I really liked with one I find lacking; a  XPS 15Z (service tag <Admin Note:service tag removed per privacy policy~RK>).  While the 15Z has more power and memory, it is much heavier, has a poor port configuration, shorter battery life and in general is much less useful “on the go.”


In any case, as I was not given a choice, I am stuck with this machine until I can find the funds to replace it.  Please note that given my experience with trying to fix the problem I am about to describe, that replacement likely will not be a Dell.


Specifically when your people shipped me the replacement, they neglected to note in your inventory records that the machine was attached to my account or even the University’s account.  This causes several problems.  I had some minor problems with the machine (e.g. my wireless mouse stopped working) and I went on line to chat with a service rep.  However, the service tag for this machine is not in your system so I could not chat with anyone online.  The only way I got the problem resolved was to go on the Dell message boards (after scouring your website for hours) posting my problem and a Dell tech posted how to get the driver updates that I needed without a service tag.  In an unresolved problem, there has been some damage to the trim on the machine that I would like to fix but I cannot order parts or see if there is warranty coverage as your system says my service tag does not exist. 


I have called Dell four times to try to get this problem resolved.  My best estimate is that in those four calls, I have spoken to over 25 Dell personnel and no one has been able to fix the problem.  Most of your Indian service personnel have no idea how to address my problem so they think they transfer me to someone they say will but I usually get cut off and have to call back only to get cut off again.  The last time I called (in late July), I spoke to 12 people (as a result of being cut off several times) including a manager who said he would fix this.  He has not.  He said he would call me back and while he called to get some more information, he has not called back with a resolution to the problem and it has been over two weeks.  What I found out is that according to your inventory system, the laptop in question is still in Dell’s inventory.  Interestingly enough my old laptop is in your inventory as well.  Apparently (as your staff chided me) I was supposed to keep the shipping documents that came with the machine and call in to Dell to make sure your people updated your inventory records.  However, I was somehow supposed to divine this process psychically as there were no instructions included with the replacement machine that detailed how to get this machine into your system or in fact that there was even a need to do so.  Apparently updating your own inventory records is too much to ask. 


Simply, I want this problem resolved.  I want the Z15’s service number attached to me so that I simply use your support system.  Unless you get this problem fixed, I also want you to bid a fond farewell to long time Dell customers.


There is one positive I can take from this experience.  I teach strategic management from a perspective that everyone in the firm can affect the firm’s success.  This is a great story for my classes about how one clerk not updating your inventory cost Dell an entire family of customers.  I am sure my students will find the story instructive.


Given my experience with Dell, you are likely not the right person to fix this problem but since your title implied you have responsibility for the customer’s experience and my experience has been quite poor, I naively  hope you can help.  The more likely outcome of this letter is that I will end up on another merry-go-around of people who cannot help but say they will connect me with someone who can; please at least endeavor to find someone who will fix this problem.  I await your reply.






Mark Sharfman

<Admin Note:adress removed per privacy policy~RK>

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Re: Dell rejected the letter below as "undeliverable"

Go online and Register the Service Tag.

Then update your warranty. 

Retail Product Registration | Dell

Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
Contact USA Technical Support


Get Support on Twitter @DellCaresPro

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Re: Dell rejected the letter below as "undeliverable"

The Dell system will not allow me to register the tag as it does not find it in its system.  I can not report an unresolved customer service issue because no one ever gave me a case number.

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