Error Code: 2000.0123 Msg: Memory integrity test failed

Error Code: 2000.0123

Msg: Memory-integrity test failed

Address= 0_005BCA8Ch, Actual+55515555h, Expected=55555555h, Location= DIMM_A and DIMM_0


I got this message after I recently done a memory check after installing 2 2GB DDR2 667MHz memory for my XPS1530. I checked my factory installed memory and it says 1GB 2Rx16 PC2-5300s-555-12. Is there any difference between the two? After finding out that its not working, I returned the old memories back but then suddenly windows would not boot up! It kept saying that to restore point but could not find any errors. When I used Dell System check, it said that DVDRW_4Smiley Very Happyrive Media is missing or blank. I just cant believe that replacing 2 simple memory would cause my laptop to crash! I have to restore it to factory settings to make it work again.


Is there still any way for me to install my newly purchased memoy RAM? I really dont know the cause of the problem why my memories would not work since I really want to upgrade my memory to 4GB. And I checked in our forums and it says its ok to use 667MHz for my laptop.


Thanks for those who can help.

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