Problems with the Dell Inspiron 17R Laptop!

   I read all the reviews posted on Dell about the Dell Inspiron 17R Laptop and how people are having issues. I disregarded all of that and ordered it anyways. So now after a review of my own and a response from Dell later, here I am writing about my problems and hopefully someone can give me an answer.

   First of all, within the first 5 hours of being on the laptop after getting it November 1, I had to restore it to an earlier point and had gotten the "blue screen" twice. After restoring it to an earlier point the computer slowed down some more and has continued to freeze and again, I got the nasty "blue screen". This was all in ONE day of having my laptop -__-

   Next, the touch pad is unbelievable! It would be perfect if it would work ALL the time and not HALF the time! This was one issue I kept reading about in the reviews was people having problems with the touch pad. Well I can back them up by saying they were right. The touch pad is awful and in order to use the "gestures" of the touch pad, when I log in or turn the laptop on, I have to load everything and LOG OFF and log back on in order to work the touch pad "gestures" (gestures is by using the scrolling features, zooming in and out, and flipping through pages and the 3 finger  to do a certain shortcut). I have also experienced my touch pad not working NONE! I will have to put in my wireless mouse to move about in my laptop because the touch pad will freeze up and not work. I am constantly opening up the Dell TouchPad window just to make sure all the features are turned on.. They are and yet they still do no work.

    I have found that logging on will take forever and has led to a "blue screen". Ever since I had to restore it to an earlier point, it has taken me longer and longer to log on and make my way around in it. The only thing I have done was download Microsoft Office, put my pictures on here and downloaded my anti-virus. And that's all! There should be no reason why my laptop is going slow.

   I had a dell All-In-One and it was never this bad nor did I have issues with it! Brand new laptop, right out of the box and it has been nothing but an issue. HELP! Please.

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Re: Problems with the Dell Inspiron 17R Laptop!


Welcome to the community. I am sorry to read that you have had so many problems with a new system.  I certainly understand how this could be frustrating. I do have a couple of suggestions that may help, and if the problems continue I will be happy to look at possible service options.  

I do suggest running diagnostics on the system, these may be able to tell us if there is an actual hardware fault with your notebook or if you are dealing primarily with software issues.  For more on running diagnostics please check out the following link. Please let me know what the results of the diagnostics are.


With the touch pad if you have not already tried to do so, uninstall the touchpad driver, any other mouse software if present and then reinstall the touchpad driver.  To look for the touchpad software click start, control panel, programs and features and look for the touchpad software and choose uninstall,  if you see any mouse software such as mouseware or intellipoint uninstall that as well.  Then download the touchpad driver from support.dell.com, just search using the service tag of the notebook and then look for input drivers.  Download the driver and install it and see if it helps.

Blue screen errors can be caused by many different issues and can mean many different things.  Do you have the error code with the blue screen error that should help determine what is causing the bluescreens.  

Unless you order the system specifically without an anti virus program Dell usually will ship a trial version of an anti virus with the system.  If you are using a different version of an anti virus it could cause considerable problems including bluescreens if you don't uninstall the trial version first before installing your antivirus, so this may be something to watch out for.

If problems continue please shoot me a private message, just click on the link in my signature and then click start conversation.  In the message please include the service tag of the notebook.  Please let me know if you tried reinstalling the touchpad driver and what antivirus is installed on the notebook and if need be I will research possible service options.

Again I know how frustrating having technical problems can be, especially with a new system. I am happy to help.


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