Region Code Errors With DVD Player

No matter what DVD I try to play in my DVD player, I get an error that the region code of the DVD doesn't match the region code of the DVD player. According to the player, it's set to region 1 (the US and Canada) and according to the DVDs, they too are set as region 1. It says I can change the region code for the DVD player up to 5 times, but is there a point if it's supposedly set to the right region? I would be asking Dell personally via their live chat option, but my warenty ran out 10 days ago. I can't believe I never tried the DVD player until now. Just my luck.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Re: Region Code Errors With DVD Player

Hi, Jattro:

Ok, assuming your DVD drive is set to region 1 and all of the discs you have ever played on this drive are region 1, then that rules out the drive as the problem.

So let me suggest you try a different DVD decoder. If you click Osprey's Toolbox, I have a link to VLC Media Player. That may work for you.

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